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Odessa is a city located on Black Sea coast. Due to its location, southern climate, as well as many historical attractions, it is one of must-see cities for anyone who is going travel to Ukraine.

Black Sea

black sea
Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (not counting Russia). With so much land, there are plenty of amazing places to discover. Odessa is one of those, located on the shores of the Black Sea and full of a potpourri of attractions, architectural styles, international cuisines and endless statues. Grab your swimming suit and either head straight east from the city center to the beaches, or take the No. 5 cable car down to Arcadia Beach where you’ll find a Citywalk-style street lined with cafes, carnival games and amusement park rides. Enjoy the Hawaii Water Park, or lounge in any of the many seaside clubs. For more on black sea, please refer ' tourism to the black sea'.

Local markets & night hopping

Explore local market and night pubs with us.

Sclupture & museum

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A day trip to explore the city and it's culture.

Explore business opportunity in Ukraine

Explore super kool entrepreneurs from Ukraine. If you are looking for business partners in real estate, food, culture, music, social impact, technology, game development, agriculture, turbines, trains, automotive components, pharmaceutical industry we can help you to connect with right kind of partner for you.
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Explore amazing food

Explore amazing foods from Ukraine, lovely veg and non-veg food along with great choice of drinks.

Explore Ukraine with me

If you want ot have private tour and explore Ukraine with fun and travel, be in touch.