It's NOT ONLY a business trip.

Terakota Army

One of my passion is to explore science hidden in history and mythology. I travelled around the globe to explore those information and willing to share with like minded people.


Charming and cosmopolitan Sinop is both the most northerly point on the Turkish Black Sea Coast and also the best protected harbor. It is now a place of little consequence compared with its importance in antiquity, when it was a busy commercial city at the northern end of principal caravan routes from Cappadocia and the lands of the Euphrates.According to legend, Sinope was founded by the Amazons, who named it for their queen, Sinova. The city’s ancient inhabitants ascribed its foundation to Autolycus, a companion of Hercules. Destroyed by the wandering Cimmerians, it was refounded toward the end of the 7th century BCE by a colony of Milesians. It ultimately became the most flourishing Greek settlement on the Euxine Sea.


I hopped through Transylvania in search of Dracula. Sadly, there wasn’t much about him to be found. You’d think the Romanians would capitalize on the whole Dracula thing, but there’s hardly any vampire kitsch around.
The main center of tourism in Transylvania was the city of Brasov. It was there that there were the most people, sites, day trips, and tours. Brasov is an ancient city that used to be on an important trading route between the East and the West.

Xian - Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army
Come let's explore the world's one of the oldest army in China, the terracotta army, we will start in the morning and visit the amazing wounder of the world. After lunch, we will head back to downtown to tour the antique Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Xian Museum, which has a rich collection of 130,000 cultural relics. You will then be guided to a walkabout visit of the City Wall.
Terracotta Army
After this we can visit the panda along with other animals in Xian Zoo.
Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army


Nalanda University travel
Nalanda was once reckoned to be the most prestigious centre of learning in India. Situated at a distance of 355kms from Varanasi, Nalanda in Bihar definitely deserves a visit. The Buddhist University established here in Nalanda is believed to had been established around 5th century AD and had 5000 students both domestic and foreign. There were over nine million manuscripts in its library. It is also believed that Buddha visited and stayed here in Nalanda quite often. Despite its vandalization by Turkish invader Bakhtiar Khalji, this university still conveys a distinct impression of the serene and disciplined life of contemplation and learning that once prevailed here. Nalanda’s temple, Votive Stupas (they have several images of standing Boddhisattavas and seated Buddha); Monk’s cells, monasteries and Dado panel from Temple 2 are the major attractions here.