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Helsinki is an eclectic seaside city - all parks, islands, culture and nightlife. With the many attractions you expect of the capital city of Finland, this is a great place to spend a few days of stylish living. Enjoy our list of what to see when you visit.


Helsinki sightseeing starts in earnest at this spectacular sea fortress. The World Heritage Site offers guided tours, six museums and more. Arrive by ferry or waterbus.

Finnish dinners

As you might suspect for a nation dominated by water, seafood plays an essential role in Finnish cuisine. Salmon, herring and other fish are cooked fresh or served smoked and pickled in cold courses. Meat comes in various forms, including the ubiquitous meatballs and HK Sininen Lenkki sausage.

City tour

A day trip to explore the city and it's culture.

Uspenski Cathedral

From ultra-modern architecture to this historic cathedral. This is the largest Orthodox structure in western Europe, and reflects the Russian influence on 19th century Finland.

Helsinki Cathedral

For another architectural left turn, visit this Lutheran place of worship. Its neoclassical style has an imposing impact over the port. Lots of steps also offer a workout! Apart from this we will visit Sibelius Monument, National Museum of Finland, Kiasma.

The ice talks

I've started a simple concept of meeting in ice, where we are organising business network in open air in the month of Oct and Nov.
Arijit Bhattacharyya