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Networking lunches

business network
I have hosted a few hundred networking lunches, where I provide a forum for six to 12 like-minded members of my network to meet and exchange value.The key to hosting a successful lunch lies in the selection of the restaurant and the attendees. You’ll want to select a restaurant that can accommodate paying separately and has a private dining room. It's a complete B2B segment where people come with specific agenda and target in mind. Me and my team members do specific B2B and B2C with guided structure.

Brainstroming dinners

business network
I started hosting dinners since 2016 to connect successful entrepreneurs. Me and my team, puts a lot of emphasis on selecting the right attendees for each event . We ensure there is at least one over-arching commonality among all guests and avoids inviting people at opposite ends of experience (i.e. don’t invite someone who recently started their first venture to join a group of CEOs running $100m companies), if it's a networking session for startups, we make sure to bring actual value for them where they can get REAL business. At least two of the guests have in common that’s not particularly common and will arrange seating to increase the likelihood of it coming up over the course of the dinner.

Wine tasting events

business network
If you have a business with existing client relationships, hosting client appreciation events is one of the best ways to meet ideal prospective clients. A few years ago, I started hosting wine tasting events. I wanted to do something for my existing clients that I knew they would enjoy. There would be no sales pitch; you don’t have to sell because your clients will do the selling for you. Even if you don’t end up with a single new client, your existing clients will have had a nice night out, met some cool new people, and shared the experience with the person they invited.

Online Meeting

If you can't travel, one of the best way I propose is to have online meetings, usually my team suggests for video calling with guided webiner staructure to save time and money.